More to you than just MBTI


I know that you may be wondering, and it is ok to wonder. What is this guy on about? MBTI? Well it stands for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. It is a self reporting questionnaire that gives an indication of the personality traits of the individual completing it. Once completed you will get an idea about four areas of your personality. FOUR? Surely we are more than a combination of four different personality trait combinations? Well, we are. So much of a person's personality, motivators, drivers and traits are missed out. This is surprising, seeing as MBTI is so heavily relied up within business and the corporate world. MBTI covers less than 20% of a person's meta programs (the drivers behind what we do and do not do.

If you were to, study NLP, at the Master Practitioner level you would discover that there are 23 meta programs that influence what we do and why we do it.

One of the most useful meta-programs that I find when working with colleague clashes (or failures to communicate properly) in the work place are the meta programs of speaking and listening styles. Some people communicate inferentially and others listen and speak in a literal sense. This can cause friction when an inferential speaker is asking for help from a literal listener. The problem is that the person who is inferential may well not be asking in a direct manner and so the literal listener does not pick up on it. This situation can lead to misunderstandings and workplace tension.

So next time you feel a little frustration or confusion in the air, just check to see whether you are a literal communicator talking to a inferential communicator.

If you are interested in finding out more about you or your team's meta-programs get in touch.

I am an Internationally accredited Trainer of NLP with the American Board of NLP and a lot more than just INSP.