Body Confidence


If I had a pound for each time that a client came to me with a lack of confidence in their own body, I would be a rich person. 

What would life be like if you were happy with how you looked?   How great would you feel if you didn't have that voice of self doubt over your appearance?  I can help you with this and to start you off I will give you first three things I tell a client with body confidence issues.

  1. Stop comparing yourself to the perfect images that you see on Instagram, Facebook, Glamour Magazine etc.  The reality is that these images have had filters applied to them, or even been airbrushed to hide the imperfections.  By comparing yourself to a false image of perfection you are conning yourself into believing you are not good enough.  The reality is that the people you are seeing in these images very rarely resemble the finished image. 
  2. You are your own worst critic, and other people are too busy criticising themselves to be worried about how you look today. 
  3. How we look is not as important as the person you are.  By this, I mean that whilst it is important to make the best of what we have in terms of looks, it is much more important to be the best person you can be.  For example.  Did you choose your best friend because they were the best looking person you know?  Unlikely.  Did you choose your best friend because of the fact they made you laugh, have similar interests and you could trust them?  Probably.

I have helped so many people realise that they are fine, just the way they are.  Is it not time that you chose not to spend time worrying about how you look and spend that time enjoying the person you are?

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