The first step toward a more confident and successful you is to make time for yourself. Often we are so busy with doing things for others that we neglect our self.

Over the months and years that neglect can build up and lead to an unhealthy view of yourself. This can create the mind-set that any free time that you do have, should be spent doing something else for others. The idea of spending time on yourself becomes indulgent or self-centred. This view is unhelpful at best, but can be changed.

The first thing to do is think about you. Without a healthy, happy and well you, you cannot help others.

So how do you put you first? This post will be the first in a series offering suggestions on how to do this:

Learn to say no.

Saying no may feel like an unnatural thing to say as you could feel you are letting someone down. The truth is that you are possibly going to make life harder for yourself and for them (in future) if you say yes because you feel you ought to.

When we say yes and really should have said no it can mean we take on more than we can handle (emotionally, physically, professionally or personally). You might find that resentment builds up, every so slowly and almost certainly unconsciously. Then, one day, that collective resentment will explode and you can no longer contain it. The result of this explosion will likely have a negative affect on your own feelings and that of others.

Do yourself and others a favour. When you are asked to do something, check inside. Before saying yes, check that you really mean it.

If you want to discuss how to learn to say no in detail with me, please get in touch here or on 0191 406 5343. I am always happy to talk with people that are wanting to make their lives better.